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Claire Rooney

Live, love, laugh.


Welcome to my new webpage!

Just like in real life, things change, stuff happens and the best laid plans of cats and women get all wonky.†

Many of you have written to ask what has become of my third novel, The Darkest Light and when will it be available. The short answer is that it wonít.† The novel was written and turned in but no contract was ever finalized.

After it appeared on Amazon, I tried to get it removed but that, apparently, takes an act of God. Unfortunately, and in spite of my best efforts, Iím still a little too low on the celestial org. chart to make it happen.† My apologies to you who have been waiting.

So whatís next? Well, there is a work in progress that Iím posting online (follow the Books link) and there is a sci-fi in the works along with another historical romance. If you have a preference for which one youíd like to see first, feel free to drop me a note.

In other more exciting news, Iíll be in London on Saturday, August 14th at Gayís the Word bookstore along with J.E. Knowles to stock up on new books and then itís off to The New Bloomsbury Set for Tea and Dancing. Iíd love for you to join me. Please see the Events page for details.

Hope to see you soon! Best,


Live, Love, Laugh.

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