Cover: As Far As Far Enough

As Far As Far Enough

Collier Torrington, a blue-blooded southern Californian, is running from her family, their money and her father's ruthless political ambitions. Meri Donovan lives on a Blue Ridge Mountain farm and refuses to see the world beyond her back gate. Their dramatic meeting is only the first of the tests that knock both women way out of their comfort zones. Just when it seems like Collier and Meri might find détente, the intrigue and destructive manipulations of Collier's family threaten her independence and Meri's way of life. There is only one way to survive the onslaught: together. But Meri's own shadows of the past threaten her ability to believe in any kind of future.


Blue Ridge Mountains

Claire Rooney

Cover: The Color of Dust

The Color of Dust

Carrie Bowden is tired of her life until a mysterious letter arrives in the mail and changes everything. The death of a grandmother she didn’t know she had pulls her away from her home in Chicago and into a world that might not be her own.

Gillian Dumfries has been itching to get into the old house by the river for more years than she can remember. As a historian and an antiques dealer, she’s just sure it’s crammed full of valuable things but when Carrie opens the door and lets her inside, she finds herself unprepared to face the things that they find.